If you want to visit a place where you can feel like you are in Mexico, then you have to pay Plaza Mexico a visit. Located in the city of Lynwood, CA, Plaza Mexico is a marketplace that includes shopping centers, many restaurants and entertainment. 

The designers of this location drew inspiration from many cities and small towns (known as “pueblos”) from all over Mexico. The design, colors and style along with the cultural symbols and statues you normally find in Mexico, is what you will see in Plaza Mexico. 

The “Angel of Independence”, or in Spanish “El Angel”, graces the entrance to the plaza which was re-created to make you feel like you’re in the roundabouts of downtown Mexico City. The “Angel of Independence” is the monument that represents Mexico’s Independence. 

The city of Lynwood is patrolled by Century Sheriff's Station. The station was created in 1994, when Firestone Park and the Lynwood Sheriff’s Station merged to become Century Sheriff’s Station. 

The sworn and professional staff of Century Station serve the unincorporated areas of Florence, Firestone Walnut Park, Willowbrook, Rosewood, and Athens Park. Century Station deputies actively strive to solve community problems and quality of life concerns by developing partnerships in the community and working together to achieve lasting results. 

If you are ever in the city of Lynwood, stop by Plaza Mexico for an experience you’re sure to enjoy. And as always, if you see one of our fine Century Station Deputies passing by don’t forget to say, “Hello!”