Bear Goes Everywhere - Mounted Enforcement Detail

Bear Goes Everywhere - Mounted Enforcement Detail

At last, it is time to speak a little history about one of our oldest details, the Mounted Enforcement Detail (MED). This week the #BearGoesEverywhere visited the city of Industry and stopped in to talk to the MED Team members.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, since its inception in 1850, has used horses as their primary means to get throughout the county. Nowadays, their function is not just typical picturesque or ceremonial; they are used for crowd control, search and rescue, and policing certain areas in the county a regular patrol vehicle would not be able to access.

The MED Team is currently assigned to Parks Bureau and patrols over 170 parks, trails, nature centers, and wildlife sanctuaries.

The LASD Mounted Enforcement Detail currently maintains a deployment at a moment’s notice. The Unit has 1 sergeant, 5 sworn members, 1 security officer, and approximately 20 deputies working as active collaterals on duty.

To be a part of this elite team, the sworn or reserve personnel must, first of all, have a horse and some sort of knowledge riding them. Then, not only is the staff required to meet at least once a month, the staff also puts the riders through classes to familiarize themselves with the units’ operation manual. Riders take a yearly mounted skills test which includes riding the horse through rigorous obstacles, such as loud noises, crowds, flares, fireworks, flashing lights and sirens, fast moving objects, and traffic to be able to desensitize the horse. Last, but certainly not least, 40hrs of supervised mounted patrol is also required. 

A very special thank you to Sergeant Martin Rojas and Security Officer Amy Williams for sharing the wonderful pictures that were forwarded to us, and a big thank you to Deputy Tiffany Mercer for making this all happen!

Until next time, everyone stay safe and look out for the Bear in your city. #LASD