LASD Unveils Pride Patch to Honor LGBTQ Pride Month

#LASD Unveils Pride Patch to Honor LGBTQ Pride Month

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is proudly introducing the LASD Pride Patch to honor LGBTQ Pride Month.

Customary to all law enforcement agencies across the nation are the unique shoulder patches that represent the department and those that wear their respective uniform. Today, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department not only boldly shows its support and pride in serving all who call L.A. home, it kicks off an effort to raise needed funds for LGBTQ youth in the County who are homeless and need services.

“I am proud of each and every one of the fine men and women in the LASD, who serve our diverse communities every day,” said Sheriff Alex Villanueva. “We will always celebrate the fact that within our ranks, so many LGBTQ members of our Department serve openly and with absolute pride.”

The Pride Patch was designed and authorized by Sheriff Villanueva, who will be wearing them on his uniform during the LA Pride Parade tomorrow, on June 9, 2019.

In addition, the Pride Patch will be handed out to the public for free during the parade. For those who are unable to attend the parade, the patch is available to be purchased online at profits will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Homeless Youth Shelter.

“This is an exciting first for Southern California Law Enforcement and one of the first law enforcement pride patches anywhere in the county,” said Lieutenant Don Mueller, the coordinator of the project. “Throughout history, police and the sheriff’s departments have had an adversarial relationship with the LGBTQ community at best. But today, we have hundreds of the gay, lesbian and transgender deputies and officers who serve openly with pride.”

“It is essential to our mission that this Department reflects the diverse communities that we serve,” said Sheriff Villanueva, “ As we concentrate our recruitment efforts on hiring from within L.A. County, I encourage members from the LGBTQ community to apply and become a part of our very inclusive family.”

In the first two hours of hosting the sales website, more than 100 patches were sold - without advertising the project. “It’s amazing that we can help support a significant need in our own LGBTQ community through these patches,” said Lieutenant Mueller.

For more information on the Pride Patch project, please visit