Homeless Services

Homeless Relocated from Channel Watershed for Safety Concerns

Approximately 30 people were relocated from the Dominguez Channel Watershed, which runs through Alondra Park.  The inherent dangers the flood channel posed made it too risky to allow the makeshift residences.  The relocation efforts were a combined effort of the Lawndale SAO team, COPS Bureau, and Parks Bureau.

The operation began approximately 2 weeks prior to the actual relocation.  Several resources were brought to the people living in the channel.  These resources included DMV, the LA Public Defender's office (to assist with expunging criminal records), mental health services, veteran's assistance, and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).  The resources were brought out again, on the day of the relocation, to assist those still in need. 

The pictures are of some of the unclaimed debris.  Approximately 49 cubic yards of unclaimed debris was collected by public works.  The debris is held for 90 days.  If unclaimed after the 90 day period, then the debris will be destroyed.

We recognize and empathize with the hardships of those less fortunate.  Removing people without alternative resources is no longer an accepted practice.  With the help of the COPS Bureau, those in need were provided with the option of sustaining resources.