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West Hollywood Station... Always Moving Forward

Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay

The 34th Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay took place over this past St. Patrick's Day weekend (March 17th and 18th) and West Hollywood Station made it a year to remember.  As you may or may not know, Baker to Vegas is a 120-mile running race through the Mojave Desert that takes place on a yearly basis in March.  Participants include approximately 280 law-enforcement agency teams and 5,660 runners, most of whom are sworn personnel, who are motivated by the tradition, desire to win and honoring the brother and sister hood that lies within law enforcement itself.  This year was quite unique to West Hollywood Station because it is a rags to riches story from start to finish.  As of two years ago, the station did not have a team!  Last year (2017), the WHD team was born again, ran and placed #159.  Under the leadership of Captain Sergio Aloma, a devout runner and team participant himself, and Team Captains Deputies Danny Martinez and Yesenia Olvera, the 2018 team was formed in mid-2017, with goals of training hard and placing high on the leader board.  After months of tireless training and the will to win, we are proud to announce that the 2018 West Hollywood team placed 3rd in the invitational category and #49 overall this year, earning them a mug!  This couldn't have been possible without the ruthlessly dedicated team captains Deputies Martinez and Olvera, 25 motivated runners and encouraging support staff, who were coordinated through countless hours by Deputy Julie Pinedo (support team captain).  And let's not forget all of the personnel that stayed behind at the station, to ensure that our city and residents were safe as our team ran to victory! 

LA Marathon

On March 18th, 2018, the LA Marathon ran through the city of West Hollywood and we were there to witness the high level of athleticism that the elite runners showcased as well as the gutsy dedication of thousands of others who strove to make it to the finish line.  Beginning at Dodger Stadium, over 24,000 athletes from all 50 states and more than 63 countries ran through the streets of Los Angeles into the city of West Hollywood.  Once inside of our city limits, runners set out westbound on Sunset Blvd., south on San Vicente Blvd., west on Santa Monica Blvd., south on Doheny Dr. and away they went into Beverly Hills.  Ultimately, the race concluded at the finish line in Santa Monica, where dreams were fulfilled and records were broken.  For our segment in West Hollywood, the race was an uneventful success, which we always like in law enforcement because that means everyone was safe and uninjured.  The craziest parts of the race in our city was the silly presence of some unique runners, which included a 10 ft dinosaur, two bumblebees, several runners in authentic headdresses, and tons of groups in fun, coordinated outfits.  Thanks to the deputies, from all across the county, that volunteered to work this event.  These deputy volunteers, ranging from Norwalk Station, Court Services, and Human Trafficking Bureau, made it possible for this event to take place, while the majority of our station personnel were at Baker to Vegas.  Because of these volunteers, who dedicated their Sunday to working the race, the 2018 LA Marathon was a safe and fun event for the runners and public spectators alike!