#LASD Bomb Squad Detective Retires and Her K9 “Tank” is Able to Retire with Her!

Our canines at some point in their careers, have to retire too! Just like their human partners, after undergoing many challenging tasks on a daily basis, it takes its toll on them after several years. These K9’s get old, lose their agility, sense of smell and working capability. 

K9’s don’t set their date of retirement like their human partners. K9 handlers know their canine partners best, and keep in constant communication with department management. Together after determining several factors as described above, they decide the appropriate time to retire the dogs. There comes a point where K9’s have to hang up their badge, and sometimes their human partners are ready to retire at the same time. 

That’s exactly what happened with Detective Tania Owen. A member of the Arson/Explosive Detail, and after 30 years of dedicated service to the citizens of LA County, she recently retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. 

With permission from Sheriff McDonnell, she was allowed to retain her K9 Black Labrador named “Tank.” At a recent ceremony, Sheriff Jim McDonnell issued a special commendation to Tank for “Exemplary Service.” 

Since their retirement, Tank has become a permanent member of Detective Owen’s family, settling in for years of new adventures and companionship ahead. We salute you Detective Owen and Tank, congratulations and happy trails!