Fortunate Furry Friend

LASD Lt., his spouse, and a good samaratin Save a Kitten on Freeway

On Sunday June 10th Lieutenant Minh Dinh, a 31 year Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) veteran assigned to Internal Affairs Bureau, and his spouse Jenny Ha, a retired LASD Lieutenant were enjoying a quiet Sunday. While driving west on the 60 Freeway near the Grand Avenue exit they saw a lone woman, Cathy Chang, sitting on a blanket, in the emergency lane of the right shoulder. Lieutenant Dinh’s law enforcement instincts kicked in, so he and his wife pulled over to offer their assistance to the driver. 

Cathy explained that she saw a kitten run across the freeway from the center divider. She immediately pulled over to the emergency lane, at which time the kitten went underneath her car, into her car engine and disappeared. She could hear the kitten crying/meowing from the engine compartment, but couldn’t find where the kitten was. She tried luring the little kitten out by opening a can of cat food. Interestingly enough Cathy volunteers at an animal rescue in Montclair. Who else would carry cat food in their car? 

After gathering this information, Lieutenant Dinh immediately took quick action, and started frantically looking for the kitten. Minutes later he finally spotted pieces of light brown fur sticking out between the slats of the front grill and figured out the kitten had wedged himself in an inaccessible area of the engine compartment, 

Lieutenant Dinh who calls himself a weekend mechanic - lifted up the car with a jack, unscrewed the bottom panel that connected the undercarriage to the bumper, and was able to reach behind the grill and save the kitten. Shortly thereafter the Ontario Rescue in Montclair, CA arrived and took the kitten for safekeeping. 

Needless to say, the rescuers were totally ecstatic. Their hearts were filled with joy and amazement at how this little kitten could cross several lanes of traffic and survive. Fortune was smiling on this furry friend to be placed in the path of these animal lovers; an animal rescue volunteer, an off-duty first responder, and a retired Lieutenant.