It’s #NationalCameraDay!

It’s #NationalCameraDay!

For over 130 years, the LASD has used photography to document, preserve and illustrate the historical accuracy of a scene, person or occasion.

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The Department’s history with photography began in 1887 with contract photographers being commission by #LASD to photograph inmates. Soon thereafter, News photographers were contracted to respond to crime scenes and document them for court. It wasn’t until 1926, nearly 100 years after the invention of photography that the LASD hired its very own department photographers as the need for a current image or “portrait” of an arrestee became integral in the crime scene investigation.

Our Department photographers document events like crime scenes, news events, graduation ceremonies. As we look forward to the continued advancement of photography, like the latest 3D imaging for crime scene photography, the pursuit of it all will always be the same: Preserving history to help keep the residents of Los Angeles County Safe.