*VIDEO* Frightened Citizen Saved from Ledge by Deputies

*VIDEO* Frightened Citizen Saved from Ledge by Deputies

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It was another typical day in Lancaster, California for Deputies Driscoll (pictured) and Ornelas, handling calls for service with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. About 4pm on June 28, 2018, they were flagged down by a witness on Avenue K8 by the 14 Freeway overpass.

The passerby witness told the Deputies she saw a frightened citizen huddled on the edge of the 14 freeway pedestrian overpass, and they were afraid if they got too close, the citizen might jump!

And then they heard a “meow.” Deputies Driscoll and Ornelas sprung to action to save the creature. Deputy Driscoll carefully approached the tiny little guy while Deputy Ornelas recorded the rescue on his cell phone. Concerned for his partner’s safety, Ornelas uttered “he’s going to bite you bro!”

But Deputy Driscoll was undeterred and safely brought the cute little kitten into his arms, despite the risk of potential mauling.

The kitten was rescued twice that day, once as Deputy Driscoll saved him from the ledge, and later when he was adopted by his rescuer. The kitten, named Blue, is in good health and now lives comfortably with the Driscoll family.

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