*VIDEO* This is How We Roll: SEB's "Tac-Cat" Does the Heavy Lifting

*VIDEO* This is How We Roll: SEB''s "Tac-Cat" Does the Heavy Lifting

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This is How We Roll: SEB's "Tac-Cat" Does the Heavy Lifting

Ever wonder how intense tactical operations come to a peaceful resolution? Well, here is one way the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Special Enforcement Bureau handles these incidents. 

Acquired by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for rescue operations in 2013, the Tactical-Caterpillar, or also known as the “Tac-Cat”, is an armored plated tractor being used by Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB). 

The armor is in place to protect the operator. The “Tac-Cat” is equipped with a mobile radio, loud speakers, and a camera which allows the operator to see and communicate with the suspect(s). Specialized training is required in order to operate the “Tac-Cat” because of the complexity of its operation. 

The “Tac-Cat” is used during extremely dangerous and volatile operations such as, an active shooter rescue operations because it allows the team to approach location(s) without getting in harm’s way, and to protect victims from gunfire. 

This amazing piece of equipment, has the ability to move vehicles, fences, pull security screen doors, and push open interiors doors. These tasks can safely be accomplished with the use of an arm extension, which has a reaching distance up to 20 feet. 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is one of three law enforcement agencies in the state of California, proudly owning a “Tac-Cat”.