LASD Accidental 911 Phone Call Ends in Dance Challenge

Accidental 911 Phone Call Ends in Dance Challenge w/Palmdale Deputy

Great way to start our Week! An accidental 9-1-1 call ends in a dance challenge. We noticed #LASD Patrol Deputy Vic Ekanem, was challenged to a dance-off by a young and talented kid. Deputy Vic Ekanem from Palmdale Sheriff's Station was in the lead until they started flossing … Not making any excuses for our Deputy, BUT it was very hot that day and that flashlight kinda threw off his balance.

Keeping Kids Safe in our Communities because they are our future.

Deputies responded to a home when someone dialed 9-1-1, LASD’s S.H.A.R.E Program Deputy & his partner were working in a two man hoop, they noticed the kids seemed timid about deputies responding to their home, therefore they took extra time to make sure everything was ok and the converation ended in a dance challenge. LASD'S S.H.A.R.E Program (Stop Hate and Respect Everyone) was launched in 2008, the program was meant to focus on the youth as they leave the grade school campuses and enter high school. Youth sometimes become involved in various cliques which may practice very negative views such as hate and intolerance.

The SHARE team spends much of the summers attending community events and gatherings which allows them to bring the SHARE Program to a younger audience. SHARE has begun attending junior high and elementary schools as well.