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LASD Custody Assistant Class 96 to Graduate;Large Multilingual Skillset to Enhance Communication

A total of 38 newly-trained men and women lined up in formation for final inspection at the Biscailuz Center Training Academy in Los Angeles, while awaiting the formal transition from Custody Assistant recruits to California Correctional Officers.
Graduation ceremonies were held Thursday evening, August 2, 2018, in honor of the recruits’ hard work and determination, at the conclusion of a challenging eight-week course of correctional officer academy training.
Custody Assistant Academy Class 96 is made up of 18 females and 20 males.  The class is comprised of 36 recruits from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and one each from the Covina and Long Beach Police Departments.
Chief Jody Sharp presided over the graduation ceremonies and was joined on stage by Captain David Povero, Covina Police Department, and Sergeant Luis Perez, Long Beach Police Department.  She heartily congratulated the class on their accomplishments and offered words of perspective, “You will be entrusted with the care and management of thousands of people during your career.  Use your knowledge, skills and training to remain safe, treat those in your care with humanity and finish your career with the satisfaction that you always did the right thing.”
After each graduate received their certificate, they took their first proverbial steps into a professional law enforcement career and were officially sworn in as California Correctional Officers.
Custody Assistants are para-professional staff with positions assigned to either a patrol station, court lockup or custody facility, appointed to support sworn personnel in observing and processing inmates.  They perform a wide variety of duties which include control booth operation to monitor inmate movement and control entry/exit in a facility, process the intake, classification and release of inmates, ensure the maintenance of order and security in the detention area of a facility, and supervise recreational and work activities of inmates.
In a special segment of the ceremony, Michael Jones, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, was named as the Honor Recruit.  This award is earned by the recruit who achieves the highest numerical average based upon leadership qualities, academics, marksmanship, and physical performance throughout the training period.  Kayla Gutierrez, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, was named the Academic Recruit for earning the highest academic scores.
Each class of recruits processed through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Biscailuz Center Training Academy brings with them an assortment of unique characteristics, talents and skills.  An example of such is, among the 38 graduating recruits, 26 speak a language other than English, including French, Ilocano, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese; eight were born outside the United States in the countries of Mexico, Philippines, Ukraine, and Vietnam; and ten recruits lived abroad in the countries of Canada, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, and Vietnam.
Supplementary to the social enrichment and awareness these individuals bring from their life experiences abroad, 15 recruits bring with them a higher level of education with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Accounting, Biochemistry, Business Administration, Child Development, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Electronic Engineering Technology, Fine Arts, Legal Studies, Liberal Studies, Psychology, and Sociology.
We proudly recognize two the recruits who served our nation in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force, and one recruit with previous law enforcement experience.  
Twelve recruits have family in law enforcement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Covina Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, and Paramus Police Department.
Congratulations, Custody Assistant Academy Class 96, and thank you for the fine qualities you bring to the communities you serve!