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Throwback Thursday: Firearms and LASD

In the early 1960’s, our #LASD deputies were issued a Smith & Wesson, six shot revolver. Today we have the option of selecting any of the following on-duty autoloaders: Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, Glock 9mm and .45, Beretta 92 Series DA/SA, Heckler & Koch LEM 9mm & .45 (P2000), Sig Sauer Classic Series DA/SA in 9mm and .45, Ruger P90, and the 1911 Handguns om 9mm & .45. Weapons training instructors have an important position. They conduct recruit training, where they teach the basics and fundamentals of shooting. Patrol deputies return to the range for additional training at regular intervals with their handgun, shotguns and rifle.