In American pop culture, people have a particular image of the city of #Compton, and that image is synonymous with gangs, drive by shootings and gangsta rap. So let us show you the other side of Compton the movies and TV don’t portray.

The reality is, the city of Compton is in fact a beautiful multicultural city, with a close knit community that cares about their neighbors. This week the Bear decided to pay the city of Compton a visit, to show everyone a symbolic building and memorial that represents this city so well.

When the city of Compton decided for a new beginning in 1976, they created and completed a new City Hall, a Civic Center that included a new county library, a courthouse, police station and a central plaza for the public. In this public plaza they created the “King Memorial.” The King Memorial is a large sculpture of angled white planes arranged in a circle that converge at the top. This memorial was created to tribute Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Behind the King Memorial is the imposing Compton Courthouse which is a 13 story building and one of the tallest buildings in the City of Compton.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was contracted by the Compton City Council in September of 2000, after it disbanded its own police department. Compton Sheriff's Station now provides services for the residents of Compton. 
If you are ever in Compton, swing by the King Memorial and remember if you see one of our fine deputies patrolling, don’t forget to say, “Hello!”