#TidbitTuesday! LA-RICS

#TidbitTuesday! LA-RICS

Did you know that many public safety radio networks are outdated and agencies have difficulties talking to each other in times of crisis?

Public safety agencies for 88 cities and the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County currently use a patchwork of 40 aging radio networks. In addition, sheriff’s deputies, police officers and firefighters use the same commercial broadband services that the public uses for smartphones and mobile devices. The Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communication System (LA RICS) was created in 2009 to address this issue. A Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN) was started with the help of of a $155 million grant given to partner agencies and managed by LA-RICS. LA-RICS is a joint powers authority run by representatives appointed by 24 cities, municipalities, and public safety agencies in the Los Angeles region. In 2017, the LA-RICS program was recognized nationally as one of the most innovative communications networks. #LASD is heavily vested in the program and is the largest agency needing upgraded communication assets.

The Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN) consists of 63 fixed towers and 15 mobile units that use Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology. This network was completed on October 1, 2015 and is currently in use by Public Safety. The PSBN is now in the process of migrating its assets to AT&T’s national FirstNet System. The system provides police officers and firefighters with the capability to send and receive large amounts of data, for instance, allowing an emergency room doctor to view and direct the efforts of firefighters or paramedics in the field——saving time and lives.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell is a board member as well as other municipalities’ police chiefs, fire chiefs and government representatives. Currently, the LASD LA-RICS Unit staffs 1 lieutenant, 1 Sergeant and 5 deputies. No doubt this program will increase public safety’s efficiency and productivity in Los Angeles County.

For more information on the LA-RICS program visit: , or @TheLARICS