LASD co-hosts 15th Annual Cal Youth Karate Tournament

YAL co-hosts Karate Youth Nationals

This weekend #LASD Community Partnership Bureau-YAL, Co-Hosted the 15th Annual California Youth Karate Nationals with California Youth Karate Club Inc. along with California Youth Karate Club, Inc.  Our Department & Youth Activities League Deputies are very proud of our South Los Angeles Sheriffs Station Karate Kids who walked away with a total of 16 Trophies! Below are some highlights of the event. Athletics are an extraordinary conduit to inspire confidence, accountability,social skills — opportunities to create powerful personal relationships with peers and mentors. All of our YAL kids talk about becoming Deputies in the future and we cannot wait to hire them.

Programs YAL offers are 
• Karate
• Boxing (Boys and Girls)
• Reading Workshop
• Afterschool Tuturing
• Computers
• Leadership Academy
• “Life After High School”
• “Camp Courage”
• “Explorer Program”