Major Crimes Bureau, Burglary-Robbery Task Force (BRTF) arrest 3 more knock knock type burglars.

Major Crimes Burglary Task force spoils knock knock burglars

Major Crimes Bureau, Burglary-Robbery Task Force (BRTF) arrest 3 more knock knock type burglars.

On Thursday, August 23, 2018, at approximately 12:30 PM, detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s, Major Crimes Bureau, Burglary-Robbery Task Force (BRTF), observed three suspects commit a residential burglary in Cerritos. BRTF detectives believed these suspects were likely related to numerous recent Los Angeles and Orange County residential “Knock-Knock” type burglaries. The detectives saw the suspects, who were in a white Honda Accord sedan, driving slowly through neighborhoods in La Palma and eventually into the Cerritos area. Detectives located the Honda parked in a driveway on Alexander Circle. A short time later, Detectives watched the suspects emerge from the front door of the residence, enter the Honda, and attempt to leave the area.

As this transpired, BRTF Detectives, who were being assisted by Simi Valley Police Department, coordinated with uniformed deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s (LASD) Cerritos Substation, who responded to assist.

As the suspects began to leave the vicinity, BRTF detectives along with LASD Cerritos Station Deputies initiated a high risk detention of the suspects and their vehicle. Two adults and one juvenile were detained inside the vehicle. Stolen property, including jewelry, designer hand bags, cell phones and cash, valued in excess of $3,000, was recovered within the vehicle and on the suspects. The recovered property was confirmed to be stolen from the residence where the suspects were seen leaving.

The suspects were arrested and transported to and booked at the LASD Cerritos Station.

During interrogation, the suspects admitted to committing the Cerritos burglary and also implicated themselves in recent La Palma and Buena Park area burglaries.

Suspect Jaidyn Shaw, MB/19, of Los Angeles, Bk#5402-566, was booked on charges of Residential Burglary (459 PC), and is currently held in custody with a bail of $50,000. He has several previous arrests for burglary including one conviction for burglary and possession of burglary tools. He is a documented Los Angeles area criminal street gang member.

Suspect Cassidy Poston, FB/21, of Los Angeles, Bk#5402-570, was booked on charges of Residential Burglary (459 PC), and also held in custody with a bail of $50,000. She has a criminal history including multiple felony arrests, including burglary, with convictions for theft. She is a documented Los Angeles area criminal street gang member.

The juvenile subject (16) was detained and released pending juvenile court proceedings.

LASD BRTF Detectives are handling the criminal filing and ongoing investigation of this burglary crew. With assistance from LASD Cerritos Station Detectives and Detectives from La Palma and Buena Park, detectives will determine if these suspects were in fact involved in additional recent residential burglaries occurring in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

The investigation and arrest of this residential burglary crew is an example of the ongoing cooperation and collaboration between the LASD, Simi Valley PD, and Orange County Departments, as each agency is committed to impacting the Southern California wide residential burglary epidemic. The LASD Major Crimes BRTF works closely and consistently with most Southern California agencies, in its mission to identify, investigate, and arrest organized burglary and robbery suspects.

The LASD MCB BRTF was formed over eight years ago to combat the ever increasing trend of organized crews who are committing daytime residential burglaries. Typically known as “Knock-Knock” burglars, these crews, often formed by gang members, utilize high-end luxury vehicles and rental cars to blend into middle class and affluent neighborhoods where they break into homes and businesses, ransacking and stealing valuables such as cash, jewelry, and weapons. The MCB BRTF works closely in support of all LASD Station’s detective bureaus, as well as other Southern California law enforcement agencies. Residents and business owners are reminded to secure their properties, be aware of suspicious and unusual persons or vehicles, and to alert their local law enforcement immediately if suspicious activity is observed.

Residents should call 911 if a life threatening emergency is detected and/or their local police business line if a suspicious person or vehicle is observed. The MCB BRTF can be contacted via e-mail at for tips, questions, or concerns.