Reserve Impact Team

Sheriff McDonnell Announces New Crime Impact Team; Sworn Civilians Trained to Work Field Assignments Impacting East Patrol Division Neighborhoods

What do you do in your time away from work?  Many people spend time with their children, others pick up hobbies or participate in sports, and some just care to relax.  There is a particular group of about 600 men and women who spend their free time taking on another career:  Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputies.  These folks have daytime careers in and are residents, professionals and business partners within the communities they serve during their off-hours.

Reserve deputies supplement law enforcement staff on an as-needed basis.  Like fulltime sworn staff, reserve deputies are professionally trained according to Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requirements, and like duly sworn law enforcement personnel; they are required to meet the same hiring, background, medical, and psychological standards as fulltime deputies. 

There are three levels of reserve deputies to assist in various capacities.  They complete training on their own time and may serve their communities by working assignments in patrol stations, custody facilities, investigation bureaus, on search and rescue teams, motorcycle patrol, and the mounted posse…all for the annual salary of one dollar.

On Friday, September 7, 2018, Sheriff Jim McDonnell announced the newest way these sworn civilians are assisting within the areas we serve:  The Reserve Impact Team. 

This new team is a task force of reserve deputies who are fully trained to perform law enforcement functions and work field assignments.  Establishment of this team is an innovative approach to use supplemental personnel and make a positive impact within the areas we serve. 

The team is comprised of 15 reserve deputies assigned to East Patrol Division, who will rotate throughout the 900-plus square miles of this area and conduct burglary, robbery and vehicle theft suppression, assist special assignment deputy teams with parole and probation operations, handle calls for service, conduct traffic enforcement, and write incident reports. 

The mission of the Reserve Impact Team is specifically to help solve problems and issues. 

Their inaugural deployment took place on Friday, August 17, 2018 at Temple Station; they conducted a saturation patrol in the cities of Rosemead and Temple City with as many patrol cars and deputy personnel as possible because of an increase in residential burglaries.  Results of their efforts and presence proved these efforts positive with zero burglaries, robberies, assaults, or vehicle thefts reported.

“These individuals, many who work their regular jobs during the day, go through training, put on the uniform and act as force multipliers for our Department,” said Sheriff McDonnell.  “They are valuable eyes and ears on the ground and, like our deputies, the reserve deputies represent the diversity of the communities we serve.” 

And that’s something we can all certainly appreciate.