#Fraud Friday

Political Scams

It's election time and voters will be slammed with calls asking to support candidates running for election. Not only are callers looking for a vote, but they are also looking for a donation to support their campaigns. Unfortunately, some callers are posing as campaign workers when in reality they are thieves looking for their next victim who may fall into the trap of giving them money. 

When scammers call a voter, it may appear on their caller ID they are calling from a campaign office, but in reality, they just disguised the number with a legitimate number. This tactic is called “spoofing” (telephone number masquerade as someone else by falsifying the number that appears on the recipient's caller ID display). At the end of the call, the scammers will ask the voter to donate by providing a credit card number.

Helpful Tips to protect yourself: 
 Never provide a credit card number or bank information to a caller you have not confirmed to be an authentic worker of a political campaign
 If you would like to donate to a political campaign verify by visiting the official candidate’s website or contact the campaign headquarters. 

Don’t fall victim to these thieves! Be aware and protect yourself!