#TheBearGoesEverywhere- East LA's “El Pino Famoso”

#TheBearGoesEverywhere- East LA''s “El Pino Famoso”

#TheBearGoesEverywhere- East LA's “El Pino Famoso”

This week the bear pays a visit to East LA to see the landmark called El Pino. Now, when you think of Los Angeles and trees, the first thing that comes to mind is palm trees. We see palm trees everywhere in LA, which are synonymous with Southern California. So why this tree? What is so special about “El Pino?”

First off, you will not find this tree on any tour guides and TMZ Tours will never take you there. You will have to just go into East Los Angeles and find it yourself. All you have to do is look up and you will see this tree on top of a hill.

“El Pino” became a pop culture landmark after the 1993 Hollywood film originally titled “Bound by Honor” and now called, “Blood In, Blood Out” included the tree as their fictional landmark.

The film was primarily shot in East Los Angeles and this tree, due to that movie, became a genuine tourist attraction. Residents who live in the area say they take pride when they see people from all over come by to look at the tree and take pictures. People in East Los Angeles consider the tree a living monument.

“El Pino” is an Australian bunya pine that you normally find in Queensland, Australia. The tree stands inside the former property of Mr. Okuno, who was a Japanese dentist that lived in the home.

East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station, which patrols the unincorporated area, was established in 1924 and is one of the first sub stations of the department.

So, if you are ever in East Los Angeles and would like to take a picture with this natural landmark of East Los Angeles, the tree stands on the corner of Folsom Street and Indiana Street. As always, if you see one of our fine East LA Deputies driving by don’t forget to say, “Hello.”