Public Safety is our priority!

Keeping the train-lines safe! Transit Services deputies make outstanding arrest. Public Safety is our priority!

LASD Transit Services Bureau, Threat Interdiction Unit Deputies Matt Coppes, Emmanual 'Manny" Cortez, and Aaron Escobedo, were working a high visibility operation on the Metro Blue Line, on Monday, 9/24/18. The team was monitoring the Slauson Station, when they noticed a man pushing a large cart onto the train platform.

The cart was covered with a tarp, but the man pushing the cart was extremely cooperative with the deputies and told them that there were "personal items only" in the cart. As you can see in the attached photos, what the deputies found was astonishing.

Two-20 gallon bags full of marijuana, some methamphetamine and narcotic hash, and two Air Soft rifles that appeared to be assault rifles at first glance. The man was quickly arrested and, upon a further check of his identity, it was learned that he also had a five thousand dollar warrant for his arrest.

Thanks to the diligence of our deputies, a large amount of drugs was taken off the streets and a person who could have been planning to do harm, was also safely taken into custody.

As always, LASD Transit Services Bureau is grateful to be part of the law enforcement team keeping you safe when take Metro to your desired destination and proud to have been doing so since 1990.

Great job Fellas! Keep it up!!!