#FraudFriday #CheckScam

#FraudFriday #CheckScam

Every day we go to work to be able to support our family financially, but little did we know thieves are reaching out to steal your hard earn money.

Scammers have found a new way to steal your paycheck by posing as a Human Resources representative.

The scam comes in the form of an email from an employee’s Human Resources Department.

Scammers ask the employee to update their information using a bogus link that sends the employee to a similar work portal website.

After an employee logs on to the phony website using their username and password, scammers gain access to their personal information.

Scammers then log on to your company’s real website and set up direct deposit to the thieves own account usually using prepaid cards.

If you received an email from Human Resources:
➢ Don’t respond or click onto any link provided
➢ Always call your company’s Human Resources Department and confirm the email is real.

Always verify emails before disclosing your personal information.