Abandoned child found in Lakewood, CA

Person of interest wanted in abandoned child case

Special Victim Bureau Lieutenant Deeds asked the public and the media for their help in locating a man they consider a “person of interest” who they believe could possibly have left an infant in a Walmart bathroom in Lakewood, Monday, October 8, 2018. The 12-15 month old child was discovered at approximately 11:45 a.m. by a customer who immediately notified a store employee. After many hours of video footage was reviewed by investigators, they were unable to see anyone who walked into the store with the recovered child. Investigators believe the man seen depicted in the attached photos could possibly give them the answers they need. The male Black adult was seen with what appeared to be a full backpack entering the store and walking straight to the men’s restroom. He stayed approximately 2 minutes, exited the restroom, and walked straight out of the store to his vehicle with the same backpack that now appeared deflated. Special Victims believes the baby may have been concealed in the backpack when he entered the store.The person of interest was also seen on video showing signs of unusual behavior in the parking lot. He parked as far away from the front door as he could, where there were no other vehicles. When he walked into the store, he walked directly to the men’s bathroom for approximately two minutes, exited and then left the store walking back to his vehicle at a fast pace.

The vehicle he was driving is a 2000-2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, beige or gold with the license plates removed. Since the incident, the child’s parents and/or guardians have yet to be identified and nobody has reported the child missing within Los Angeles County or the surrounding counties. If anyone has information regarding the identity of the infant, we urge you to contact us. The child is currently safe and being well cared for. Whenever a child is taken into protective custody by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department personnel, we contact the Department of Children and Family Services for placement. The person of interest may have a valid reason for doing what he did, but we need to talk to him, and let him tell us what happened. We believe with the public’s help our investigators can be pointed in the right direction and we can solve this case quickly.