The story of Universal Studios Hollywood began when founder, Carl Laemmle, opened the doors to the public, and allowed everyone to witness and tour an actual movie studio. The year was 1915 and the admission price at the time was 25 cents! It was the first time the public was invited onto the property of a studio where people could enjoy a nice picnic while they watched how Universal Studios filmed its latest movies. 

In 1961, Universal Studios added buses for the public to tour the lots and movie sets, and in 1964 the Universal Studios Tour took effect when buses were swapped for trams. Admission was only $6.50 at time and two adults and a child could have a great time at Universal Studios. In 1967, the transition to a theme park took effect. 

Today, Universal Studios has expanded and three other locations have been added in Florida, Japan, and Singapore. The theme park is located inside Universal City Walk where there are restaurants, a movie theater, attractions, clubs and stores for people to enjoy. 

During October, Universal Studios transitions from daily operations in the day time to Halloween Horror Nights where Halloween themed events take effect to entertain audiences with haunted houses and scare zones. 

Our dedicated men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, West Hollywood Station are entrusted with keeping the public safe and making sure everyone at Universal Studios, Universal City Walk has a fun and memorable night. 

So if you are ever in Universal Studios Hollywood and the Universal City Walk, and see one of our fine men and women of LASD, please say, “Hello.”