If an Earthquake hits!

#LASD Participates in The Great Shakeout Earthquake Preparedness Drill

As most residents of Los Angeles County may already be aware an earthquake can occur at any time! Today, is international “Shake Out” Day, when tens of thousands of agencies worldwide including LASD, will participate in earthquake preparedness and disaster drill training.

LASD reminds the citizens of Los Angeles County this is a great time to prepare for a major earthquake.

So what can you do to prepare? The following information has been provided by our partners at Los Angeles County Fire Department for your reference:

If and Earthquake hits: 
Drop, Cover and Hold. No matter where you are, take cover under a sturdy desk, table or other furniture and hold on to it until the shaking stops. Avoid danger spots near windows, hanging objects, mirrors or tall furniture. Conduct earthquake drills every six months with your family.

Keep Your Hallway Clear. It is one of the safest places to be during an earthquake.

Learn How to Shut Off Utilities. Locate and learn how to shut off valves for water, gas and electricity.

Prepare to Be Self-Sufficient. In a major disaster, emergency personnel will be inundated and may not be available to you for at least 72 hours or longer. Keep a supply of water, food, medications and clothing on hand.

Keep an Earthquake Supply Kit. Put together an earthquake supply kit with essentials, such as blankets, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, extra cash and change, portable radio and other supplies for cooking, sanitation and comfort........

To join the drill: