#FraudFriday-Porch Pirates

#FraudFriday-Porch Pirates

The holidays have arrived, so thieves are standing by to steal the wonderful gifts that you purchased for that special someone. 

With free shipping, shoppers are stacking up packages delivered on their porch which means packages are easy targets. Thieves are casing the neighborhoods looking for the perfect opportunity to snatch your packages. Crooks have been also been caught following delivery trucks as they drop off items. 

Shipping tips to consider: 

• Track your packages using available tracking methods.
• Choose to pick up at a drop off at a secure location, like a P.O. box.
• Have packages delivered to your office or a neighbor. 

Here are a few helpful tips provided by shipping companies if you items end up missing: 

• If it was delivered by the US Postal Service, you could fill out a Missing Mail Search Request. The main drawback with this, though, is you have to wait seven business days after the package was supposed to arrive before you can take advantage of this option.

• If it was delivered by UPS, the company encourages you to contact the sender to start a claim, because UPS says package senders have the most essential claim documents, like invoices, receipts, etc.

• It if was delivered by FedEx, there's an online form to fill out a claim for a missing package.

• Amazon's "Where's My Stuff?" page offers lots of helpful tips on what to do if your package ends up missing.

So be a good neighbor, and if you see something, say something if you spot a suspicious person grabbing boxes!