#LASD Spends NYE with thousands of New Year's revelers, No major Disruptions

#LASD Spends NYE with thousands of New Year''s revelers, No major Disruptions

Between the massive Grand Park event and Pasadena's Rose Parade, LASD is/will be on scene to en sure public safety.  Great opportunity to meet with our community.  Nearly everyone has been great, with many people approaching us to wish us a Happy New Year.  Tens of thousands have gathered so far with no disruptions, thank you, LA! 

Last night, we staffed security personnel along Colorado Boulevard on #NewYearsEve, where thousands of revelers attended to secure viewing spots along the parade route. Today we will remain in Pasadena to help provide substantial assistance to the Pasadena Police Department to ensure the Rose Parade event is enjoyed and celebrated as safely as possible. #LASD has over 1000 personnel assigned to the yearly event; you will see us amongst the crowd and alongside the parade route on foot, on horseback or in vehicles.

What you might not see is traffic control personnel, volunteers, arrest teams and emergency response specialists standing by at command posts in the event of an emergency incident or civil unrest.

Many of our personnel have volunteered long 16 hour shifts to work outside of their usual assignments for the parade. They have forgone their own holiday gatherings with family and friends to serve their community by planning, staffing and working this massive event with thousands of attendees from all over the globe.

It gives us great pride to take part in the new year’s “kick-off” tradition shared around the world, a celebration that focuses global attention on the spirit of southern California. We are uplifted by thousands of people we see with joyful smiles on their faces, hopeful at the promise of a new year. Cheers to prosperous new beginnings, and a Happy New year!