The Soaring Teapot fountain is a cool landmark located in the “Camellia Square” shopping center in Temple City. 

The teapot looks like it’s suspended in the air, while water pours into the fountain. The teapot is being held in place by a pipe, which is the conduit for returning water to the teapot. 

According to the fountain plaque, “The teapot is a symbol of peace and good fortune, wishing prosperity among all societies. Tenfu Tea’s soaring teapot symbolizes the essence of tea and its power to spread peace to all, creating a civilized and harmonious world.”

The shopping center is named after the Camellia flower, which is found in Asian countries and is the state flower of Alabama. The leaves of the Camellia flower can be used to make tea and herbal remedies. 

Temple City is patrolled by Temple Sheriff's Station. They serve the following areas: Chantry Flats, Monrovia, Arcadia, City of Bradbury, City of Duarte, City of Rosemead, City of South El Monte, North San Gabriel, East Pasadena, and South San Gabriel.

If you decide to visit the Soaring Teapot in Temple City and you happen to see one of our fine deputies passing by, please be sure to say, “Hello!”