#TheBearGoesEverywhere - Cerritos Sculpture Garden.

#TheBearGoesEverywhere - Cerritos Sculpture Garden.


This week the Bear pays a visit to the Cerritos Sculpture Garden. 

The Cerritos Sculpture Garden is beautiful landmark found in the Cerritos Civic Center. It was created in 2006 as a 50th anniversary gift to the community, by the City of Cerritos. 

The garden is a delightful place where the city can place their growing artwork collection. Designed to showcase twenty pieces of artwork, the garden currently has five sculptures; the city is expected to place more artwork in the coming years. The main attraction, and the first sculpture placed in the Cerritos Sculpture Garden, was the Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial. 

The Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial is a sculpture that was designed by Kathleen Caricof. The sculpture pays tribute to the victims of the horrible tragedy that occurred on August 31, 1986, when AeroMexico Flight 498 and a private jet airplane collided over the city of Cerritos. On this tragic day, many homes were damaged or destroyed and a total of 82 lives were lost. 

Cerritos Sheriff's Station provides law enforcement services exclusively to the city of Cerritos. Deputies from the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station provide high-quality public safety services and emphasize community oriented policing. The station is staffed with 63 sworn and 23 civilian employees who serve a culturally diverse community spanning a geographical area of approximately nine square miles. 

In addition to providing the traditional law enforcement services, the city's Community Safety Center is also housed in the same facility with Cerritos Station. This partnership joins city and Sheriff's Department personnel in a central location to better address community issues. The Sheriff's Department has provided law enforcement services to the city of Cerritos for more than 45 years.

If you are in the city of Cerritos and you are looking for nice, quiet place to relax or take some photos, pay a visit to the Cerritos Sculpture Garden. The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station is directly across from it! If you see one of our fine deputies passing by, please take a moment to say, “Hello.”