Fraud Friday-Grandparents Scam

#FraudFriday-Grandparent Scam

Con artists have targeted the most vulnerable victims, grandparents. How this scam works is thieves call or email the victims posing to be a “relative” or someone posing as a representative of the relative, for example, a lawyer or law enforcement. The “fake relative” of the grandparents will explain that they are in trouble financially and need money wired to pay off hospital bills or any fictitious loans. Once the money gets wired, grandparents won’t find out the call was a scam for weeks.

To avoid becoming a victim to the “#GrandparentScam,” look for these red flags:
• Solicitation of funds specifically requests to pay for unexpected bills, for example, bail money, lawyer’s fees, or doctor bills
• Before sending funds, contact the relative to verify if the call is real. Most scam artists payment method is a wire transfer. Any request to wire money should automatically be a red flag warning. 
• Fraudsters attempting the “Grandparent Scam” may call late at night to confuse potential victims.
• People who become victims of this scam should call their local police department and report the incident. 

Scammers will target anyone. Please pass information on to friend and family, so they don’t become their next victim.