#Fraud Friday- Fake Payments

#Fraud Friday- Fake Payments

How this scam works: The victim would post items on a resale app, and when a buyer (scammer) shows interest, the buyer will recommend the seller use another payment site like PayPal, to avoid service fees from the selling app. The seller would receive an email impersonating PayPal indicating that the funds have been deposited into the seller’s bank account. The seller will then mail the item to the buyer, only to find out a few days later the funds were never deposited into the seller's account. 

The fake email impersonating PayPal will look authentic based on the use of the PayPal logo, the font used, and will include a security link that will lead you to the actual PayPal website.

Red flags to look for within the email:

The fake email will show, and the real address would be 

As a buyer or seller, always verify the transaction occurred and the funds have been deposited into your bank account. Never assume the transaction was successful based solely upon a confirmation email.

When in doubt click on and go to their Latest Scam Information section for more information.