#BearGoesEverywhere-Auto Club Speedway

Formerly known as the California Speedway, the Auto Club Speedway is an oval racetrack used for racing events. 

The track was constructed on the site formerly known as the “Kaiser Steel Mill,” which is also the same location the movies, “Terminator 2” and “Mortal Kombat” were filmed.

Every year, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Communication and Fleet Management Bureau personnel hosts its Annual Law Enforcement Emergency Vehicle Evaluation and Product Expo Day at the Auto Club Speedway. 

The Sheriff’s Department first implemented its police vehicle testing program in 1974. Since then, the Department has become nationally recognized as a major source of information for police vehicles and their use. The Sheriff's Department is one of only two law enforcement agencies in the entire United States which tests vehicles to provide input for auto manufacturers and police departments. 

The testing process is designed to address the law enforcement officer’s operational requirements in terms of vehicle performance, vehicle safety, and comfort. Each test is designed and executed to simulate actual field conditions as closely as possible. The vehicles being tested are driven on city streets and interstates, as well as the performance track by law enforcement personnel.

After testing, the evaluation information is compiled into a book and provided to law enforcement agencies. The booklet is not intended as a recommendation for any specific vehicle contained within. The Sheriff’s Department conducts the vehicle testing program in order to accomplish two primary goals:

• To provide law enforcement agencies with the data necessary to assist those in the vehicle selection process. 
• To provide the various vehicle manufacturers with the input necessary to better meet the needs of law enforcement.

We recognize the fact that individual agency needs can be influenced by cost, operational considerations and other factors.

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