Sheriff Villanueva

Sheriff Villanueva Is Welcomed by the Residents of Lynwood.

Since taking office many communities and residents within Los Angeles County have been eager to meet and interact with Sheriff Villanueva. Today, the city of Lynwood hosted an event at Plaza Mexico to introduce Sheriff Villanueva to the community.

The purpose of the event was to provide information to the public regarding services the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department offers to all its residents. Sheriff Villanueva met with several community members, as well as City of Lynwood Mayor Jose Luis Solache.

Sheriff Villanueva discussed recent changes within the department. He also shared his plans for the future of the LASD.

The #LASD brought personnel and equipment from our Aero Bureau, Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) K9, Recruitment and the Mounted Enforcement Detail to show some of the many services and resources available to the community.

Sheriff Villanueva concluded the event with a question and answer forum in a town hall event.