#TidbitTuesday Meet the Malibu Lost Hills Juvenile Intervention Team

#TidbitTuesday Meet the Malibu Lost Hills Juvenile Intervention Team

#TidbitTuesday Malibu/Lost Hills Station – Juvenile Intervention Team Helps Kids Stay On Track

Several years ago, the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station formed a specialized unit to help combat juvenile related issues in the community. This unit is called the “Juvenile Intervention Team” (also known as the “J-Team”). Deputy personnel are specifically assigned and trained to deal with juvenile related matters and concerns. They work out of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station and are available as another resource to the community.

The J-Team takes a proactive and preventive approach toward juvenile crime. The deputies are frequently on school campuses interacting with students, attending school events such as football and basketball games and patrolling the local cities. The main goal of the J-Team is to identify and improve the quality of life for juveniles in the community who may be “at risk.”

By working with students, parents, school administrators, and the community, the deputies accumulate a vast knowledge of juveniles who may be involved in criminal activity. The unit can then attempt to guide and encourage kids needing some type of assistance or diversion.

Pictured: Deputy Steve Arens, Deputy Rafael Mejia, and Deputy Heather Parks.