This week the Bear goes to the USS Iowa in San Pedro! 

Before the U.S. entered War World II, a new breed of battleships were being created for the U.S. Navy. One of those new breed of ships was the USS Iowa. It was the largest, fastest & most powerful ship to sail the sea for the U.S Navy. 

The USS Iowa was built in 1940 and was nicknamed the “The Mighty I” during WWII up until the Korean War. The nickname changed during the Cold War to the “Big Stick,” in reference to President Theodore Roosevelt’s quote, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” 

Essentially, the USS Iowa was finally nicknamed the “Battleship of Presidents” because it hosted and escorted more U.S. Presidents than any other battleship of the U.S. Navy. 

USS Iowa served for the U.S. Navy up until October 26, 1994 when it was decommissioned and now rests in the Port of Los Angeles, in San Pedro, California. The general public now has the opportunity to enjoy and learn about this historic battleship that is now a floating museum. 

Our Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Recruitment Unit travels all over Southern California to recruit new applicants for the position of Deputy Sheriff, including the annual LA Fleet Week, which takes place August 29-September 2nd this year. We are always proud to partner with members of the United States Military and the LASD Recruitment Unit continually searches for current military and veterans to join the largest Sheriff's Department in the Nation. Thank you all for your service!

If you’re in San Pedro and happen to see one of our Recruitment Deputies at the USS Iowa, stop by to say, “Hello.”

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