Bear Goes Everywhere

Bear Goes Everywhere

Our LASD K-9’s are always working but sometimes they have time for a little fun and get to be in special locations. We have canines for just about every job in the Sheriff’s Department.


Our canines are used at all major events. Our canine services were used during the Ellen DeGeneres show before our First Lady of the United States was set to appear. Our canines have worked at the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, LA Charger & Galaxy games, and just recently the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Our K-9 Services Detail travel all over the United States to assist other agencies.


In 1979, The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) began using trained canines to supplement deputies in remote locations. The LASD K-9 unit’s first two dogs were assigned to the resident deputies living alone in Gorman, CA, and on Catalina Island. These lone deputies had no other back up, so the dogs were assigned as their partners. Eventually, more dogs were added as the department.


Today, LASD Canine Services Detail consists of 12 canine teams, along with supervisors and support staff. The Department has 23 stations located throughout the county which are responsible for patrolling over 3,000 square miles and approximately 2.5 million people in our cities and unincorporated areas.


The LASD Canine teams support our patrol stations. Our Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) uses K-9s for locating suspects & evidence. Operation Safe Street has Scent Dogs to assist Gang Enforcement Teams with firearm detection services. Our Search & Rescue Teams use canines to search for lost persons in wilderness and urban areas; these dogs are trained to search for cadavers in disaster areas. Our HazMat Detail Unit has the only working Weapons of Mass Destruction Chemical Biological Detection K-9 in the nation.


Transit Service Bureau has partnered with the U.S. Marshal’s Service and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide Explosive Detection K-9 teams in securing transportation to and from the NFL’s Fan Experience and Super Bowl game.


So, if you ever find one of our Specialized LASD K-9 Handlers with their Canine Partner, please stop and say, “Hello.” Our four-legged companions will be glad to extend their paw to you.