Kidnappers Tool Bag

Music Video Gone Wrong

If you are going to be filming your music video up in the mountains this weekend, please do not do the following:

*Pretend to kidnap and duct tape your victim

*Victim pretending to break free and getting out of trunk

*Have a shovel

*Use a handgun

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, San Dimas station received an emergent call of a possible kidnapping on Highway 39 in the San Gabriel Mountains. Informant stated he saw two suspects pointing a gun at a victim whose hands were duct taped near a black BMW. Deputies responded and conducted a “high risk” traffic stop on the vehicle, where three males were detained. After some investigation, it was determined the men were filming a music video (with a real gun). One person was arrested for a misdemeanor weapons charge.


Mental note: book a place to film your music video! Maybe advise the cops first?!