At the heart of exceptional police work is effective communication. The expansion of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department over the years, and the amazing technological progress made over the past decades, the Department has come a long way. What use to be a simple radio system aboard the early mobile command post van of the mid-20th Century has evolved to the amazing communications platform we have today. 

The LASD Communications and Fleet Management Bureau (CFMB) currently maintains a fleet of mobile communications equipment, which is available for deployment at a moment’s notice. The current Mobile Communications Unit contains sixty mounted radios that can be tuned into a variety of different agencies, allowing the availability to provide real interoperability radio communications between virtually all Southern California public Safety Agencies and many Federal and State Agencies. 

On board this mobile unit are satellite, UHF, VHF and internet communication systems, with over twenty antennae of various types mounted to the roof, providing a hint of the numerous and complex systems within. This advanced communication platform provides a state-of-the-art command that can respond quickly to major tactical and emergency situations to make sure the police work goes smoothly. 

The bureau is made up of approximately 200 sworn and professional staff. Projects are well under way that will update the current communications infrastructure and provide service to Department members for generations to come.