Students From The Health Careers Academy at Palmdale High School

Students from Health Careers Academy at Palmdale High School Presented the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Students from the distinguished Health Careers Academy at Palmdale High School presented their senior project, the dangers of distracted driving and the tragedy that can impact so many.

Alan and Angela Hefter along with LAPD Officer Stephanie Gutierrez, shared their personal story about the tragic train collision that took place September 12th, 2008, killing 25, including the Hefter's son, and Stephanie's boyfriend, Jacob. This collision was caused by a distracted Metrolink train engineer who was texting. The students presentation was phenomenal and left the audience very emotional and aware of the seriousness of distracted driving.

The Jacob Hefter foundation, founded by the Hefter family to shed light on this issue, along with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles Police Department, and California Highway Patrol urge you not to text and drive or drive while distracted.

Texting and driving, slim chance of surviving. Please don't drive distracted. Please don't text and drive. It can wait!!