Bear Goes Everywhere - Pacific Design Center

Bear Goes Everywhere - Pacific Design Center

#BearGoesEverywhere traveled to West Hollywood to visit one of their featured landmarks, the Pacific Design Center (PDC).  This amazing design community was constructed in 1975 and is located on the north-east corner of Melrose Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard.

Designed by Argentinean architect César Pelli, the 14-acre campus opened in 1975, with the 750,000-square-foot Center Blue.  Architect Norma Merrick Sklarek also contributed to the architectural design of the building Center Green, which opened in 1988, adding 450,000 square feet.  The final phase of the plan, Center Red, opened in 2013, with an additional 400,000 square feet, turning it into an epic trilogy.  It is considered one of the best contemporary art malls.

The PDC houses the West Coast's top decorating and furniture market; the center has showrooms, public and private spaces, a branch of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and two restaurants operated by Wolfgang Puck.  The Center has approximately 100 showrooms which display and sell 2,200 interior product lines to professional interior designers, architects, facility managers, decorators and dealers.

The Pacific Design Center hosts many screenings, exhibitions, lectures, meetings, special events and receptions for the design, entertainment and arts communities.


It has been said the PDC is not open to the public; this is not true.  The PDC is an ideal place for designers to purchase on behalf of their client; however, it is open to the public and items are available for purchase.  Each store is individually owned and usually closes around 6pm. The PDC is patrolled by our finest deputies at West Hollywood Sheriff Station.

The original West Hollywood Station was located on Fairfax Avenue and opened on July 28th, 1928.  The current West Hollywood Station has been on San Vicente Boulevard since 1955.  It is currently staffed with 143 sworn personnel, 39 professional staff members and provides high quality public safety services and community oriented policing in the city of West Hollywood as well as Universal City Walk.

Until next time, everyone stay safe and look out for the Bear in your city.