Volunteers on Patrol

Volunteers on Patrol

#TidbitTuesday:  Volunteers On Patrol (VOP) form an unpaid volunteer group, and dedicated to community-based patrol. The VOP's patrol the community acting as additional "eyes and ears" for deputies, advising them of suspicious activities, accidents, and other safety hazards. VOP’s also help maintain public safety by providing services such as traffic control, parking enforcement and otherwise assisting deputies and/or civilians as necessary.


During the Woolsey Fire and subsequent evacuation, VOP teams from the Lost Hills Sheriff Station were continuously on duty helping with evacuations, residence checks, traffic control and other much needed duties during the fire. The VOP’s receive specialized training from the Sheriff's Department in such areas as: • Traffic control • Patrolling the community for criminal activity and safety hazards • Disaster response • First Aid and CPR • Parking enforcement • Vacation and business checks • Assisting with special events (e.g. parades, races, holiday fairs).


VOP’s come from all walks of life and all socio-economic levels. The team includes working professionals, retirees, and college students. All members must pass an oral interview, background check, and minimum driving standards and are required to maintain a minimum of 16 on-duty hours per month.


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