#ThrowbackThursday #LASD Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Honor Guard Detail

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Honor Guard Detail is comprised of deputies from the Training Bureau; they represent an icon of excellence and professionalism.

The primary duty of the LASD Honor Guard Detail is to provide funeral honors for fallen peace officers. They also perform traditional colors details in various departmental events and ceremonies.

In the late 1960’s, the LASD Honor Guard Detail utilized the Department’s Class “A” uniform as their official ceremonial uniform. The additional accessories such as pips, a white waist belt, and shoulder core were added to make a distinguishable look of the personnel participating in the detail.

Throughout the years, Honor Guard Detail personnel takes pride of promoting the Department’s image as a highly respected organization. Their presence demonstrates a high standard of uniform dignity, ethical conduct and integrity, leading a role model for all.

Old photo provided by LASD Retired List, created by retired Sergeant William Mullen. Thank you to the following retired LASD Honor Guard Detail personnel: Oliver Grani, Ray Marlett, Michael Nelson, Patty Norris, and Marc Saunders.