#FraudFriday The house you call home may not be your home-sweet-home. 

The latest scam has homeowners losing their home from right underneath their feet. 

How this scam works:

• The con artists start by picking out a house to steal (Vacation homes, rentals, and vacant properties)
• Criminals will assume your identity – they get your name and personal information (Internet, or by stealing US mail). 
• Scammers will then go to an office supply store and purchase forms that transfer property. 
• After forging your signature and using fake IDs, they file the deeds with the proper authorities; your property now becomes the scammer’s property.

Red Flag to look out for:
If you receive a payment book or information from a mortgage company you don’t recognize, open it and follow up with the company that sent it.


• Shred documents and don’t give out personal information by phone or email.
• Beware if you stop receiving your usual utility bills and property tax statements.
• Check your mail. The county sends copies of documents recorded against a property, such as loans and change of ownership.
• Check all the information about your house through your county’s deeds office. If you see any paperwork you don’t recognize, or any signature that is not yours, look into it. #LASD