#LASD provides tips to help prevent burglaries.

#LASD provides tips to help prevent burglaries.

#LASD provides tips to help prevent burglaries


• Find out about Alarm systems and what is most appropriate for your home. 
• The basic of an alarm device is to deter an intruder from entering your home or to alert law enforcement of an illegal entry and assist in the rapid apprehension of the suspect. 
• If you are away from home a lot, it may be worth the cost. 

• At night, properly placed lighting will deter burglars. More light usually means less crime. 

• Keep all doors locked including the garage. 
• Install easy-to-use deadbolt locks. 
• Don’t attach an ID tag to your key ring. 
• Install new locks if you move to a new home or lose your key. 
• All exterior doors should be constructed of steel or aluminum alloy or solid-core hardwood. 
• Glass doors should have burglar resistant glass. 
• Double doors should be particularly well secured. 
• The frame of the door must be as strong as the door. 

• Lock windows. 
• Draw the curtains and blinds at night. 
• Sliding glass windows and single or double hung windows should have locking pins, bolts, locks or latches installed to prevent opening from the building’s exterior. 
• First floor windows should be protected with burglar resistant glass. 
• Mylar window coverings are inexpensive deterrents. 

In addition: 
• Skylights, ventilation openings, air conditioning/heating ducts and crawl spaces are all potential entry points for burglars. Permanently secure these openings by installing metal grilles or grates. If these openings cannot be permanently secured be sure they are protected with an alarm system. 
• Install and use a peephole. 
• Never open the door to strangers or let them know you are alone. 
Ask service people for an ID before you open the door. Remember, chain locks can be forced open. 
• Protect valuables. Keep money and securities in a bank. 
• Have you Social Security or pension check deposited directly into your account. 

• Mark all valuables with an ID number and your state’s abbreviation. 
Let’s stay alert and vigilant as we continue to strive to reduce crime in our community.