Carson Deputies Fire Rescue

Carson Deputies Fire Rescue

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, at 11:13 A.M., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Carson Station Deputies Emily Dilelio, Nicholas Martinez, Morgan Arteaga, Kelly Phillips, Nedelia Estrada, Jeffrey Uyekawa, Gustavo Ramirez, and Sergeant Patrick Morey responded to 20609 Kenwood Avenue in the unincorporated area of Torrance, regarding a structure on fire call. Many of the above aforementioned deputies were on an unrelated call for service just a few blocks away when the fire call was dispatched. As a result, deputies were on scene in less than a minute from the initial time of the call for service.

 Upon their arrival, the deputies immediately evacuated the surrounding residences and learned that two occupants were trapped inside the residence, which was fully engulfed in flames.

 As one can imagine, the sense of urgency and lifesaving mentality set in, and all deputies climbed over a short fence to make entry into the front yard of the residence. They were running toward the house in an effort to rescue and save the lives of the two occupants still inside. Knowing the front yard gate was locked, a bolt cutter was obtained, allowing easier access for the deputies and responding fire personnel to make further entry and continue rescue efforts.

 Upon reaching the front of the residence, deputies noticed an elderly 74-year old woman standing near the front door of the residence, which was slightly ajar. After rescuing the elderly woman, she told deputies her 74-year old husband, was still inside the residence, trapped in the back of the house near the kitchen area.

 Without hesitation, the deputies made a human chain and entered the residence on their hands and knees in an attempt to rescue the elderly husband. The residence, however, was fully engulfed in flames, forcing the deputies to turn back due to the intense heat and thick black smoke. It was at this point that several deputies ran to the backyard of the house and began breaking windows, attempting to make entry to continue their rescue of the elderly man.

 Shortly after the deputies arrived on scene, Sergeant Morey and Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD) personnel also arrived. LACoFD personnel immediately assumed command and rescue efforts. The deputies and LACoFD personnel had a difficult time rescuing the man because fire and smoke were billowing out of the home.

 Ultimately, Los Angeles County Fire Department personnel made entry into the engulfed home and rescued the unconscious elderly man, who later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

 Subsequently, the deputies were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and cuts received when breaking windows to the residence during this incident.

 To some, it may seem natural to run away from smoke and fire or even gunshots, but for the deputies and firefighters of Los Angeles County, it means there are only a few seconds to save the life of someone in dire need. We are thankful for the combined efforts of the #LASD Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the #LACoFD Los Angeles County Fire Department who worked together on this day. Their selfless acts and split-second decisions make them one of a kind.

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