Congratulations to All 2017 Valor Awards Recipients!

Congratulations to All 2017 Valor Awards Recipients - title!

Among the many recipients of awards were deputies from Palmdale Station and a civilian who pulled an unconscious, trapped driver from a car engulfed in flames, saving his life. Their heroic actions were captured on video and seen by thousands of viewers throughout the nation. In an effort to save the life of another, they gave no thought to the potential sacrifice of their own safety. For their selfless actions and placing themselves in immediate peril, Deputies Jeremy Carlisle, Zachary Marshall and Jonathan Schnereger were awarded the Medal of Valor.

On February 15, 2016, Deputies May and Nelson responded to a call of a six year-old boy being mauled by a pitbull. The dog had a firm grip on the boy and was violently thrashing its head from side to side with the child in his mouth. The boy was bleeding profusely, screaming and crying in pain. The deputies fired several rounds into the dog’s body, successfully freeing the little boy and tending to his wounds. Weeks following the incident, having heard the little boy was having nightmares, they arranged to visit the child and his family in an effort to boost his morale and wish him a speedy recovery. For displaying great bravery and decisiveness during a difficult and deadly situation and placing themselves in immediate life-threatening peril, Deputies Christopher May and Adam Nelson were awarded the Meritorious Conduct Medal-Gold.

The award recipients for this year''s ceremony are as follows:

Deputy Christopher D. Allende
Deputy Chad E. Vanden Berg

✯ ✯ ✯ MEDAL OF VALOR ✯ ✯ ✯
Sergeant Jaime Alvarez
Sergeant Alex Kim
Sergeant H. Matthew Ortega
Deputy Walter Arcos Jr.
Deputy Dmitry Y. Barkon
Deputy Jeremy B. Carlisle
Deputy Casey R. Cheshier
Deputy Mark S. Claahsen
Deputy Arthur B. Garcia Jr.
Deputy Edward S. Gonsalves
Deputy Pedro Guerrero
Deputy Maria Guzman
Deputy Steven W. Kaniewski
Retired Deputy Rickey Hernandez
Retired Deputy Orlando Macias
Deputy Zachary W. Marshall
Deputy Jacqueline M. Morales
Deputy James S. Moss
Deputy David A. Navarrete
Deputy Jason W. Pearson
Deputy Richard Raygoza
Deputy Antonio Rios
Deputy Juan C. Sanchez
Deputy Jonathan P. Schnereger
Deputy James L. Sharp

Deputy Matthew J. Fitzpatrick
Lieutenant Mark A. Reyes
Sergeant Oscar R. Butao
Deputy Frank Barragan
Deputy Lawrence A. Cervantes
Deputy James J. Colbert
Deputy Jason E. Colon
Deputy Edgar S. Cuevas
Deputy Jose Dominguez
Deputy Christopher W. Hardwick
Deputy Tanner A. Jauch
Deputy Thomas J. Lynch
Deputy Robert W. Maas
Deputy Gerardo Marroquin
Deputy Christopher W. May
Deputy Adam F. Nelson
Deputy Arturo Ortiz
Deputy Leticia Reyes
Deputy Timothy M. Rivera
Deputy Eric C. Saavedra

Lieutenant Timothy B. Milliman
Sergeant Mark R. Marriott-Lodge
Sergeant Bryan T. Sirkel
Deputy Alfredo F. Galvan
Deputy Michael J. Abbot
Deputy Karina Cervantes
Reserve Deputy Joseph A. Fertal
Deputy Cesar Hinojosa
Deputy Ayub B. Manjra
Deputy Randolph S. Meyers
Deputy Morgan H. Nyberg
Deputy Laila K. Razo

Deputy Giovanni L. Lampignano

Deputy Dean S. Davis III

✯ ✯ ✯ HUMANITARIAN ✯ ✯ ✯
Jerry Brascia Private Citizen
Ami Rusmussen Private Citizen
Myles Walters Private Citizen
Casey Walters Private Citizen